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Provendor delivers automation solutions for domestic industry and public
organisations as well as abroad.

We are the official importer and representative of Array Electronics and
Heytec Antriebstechnik GmbH. The import and trade of other product brands
is not based on agreements with the manufacturers.

There are some examples below from our reference list
concerning process industry, material handling and factory automation.


Process Automation

Control system
Teollisuuden Voima Oy
TVO's nuclear reactors 1 and 2
Annual maintenance planning
Rojo Machines Finland Oy Automatic Mortar mixing-station Simatic S7-300 + SIWAREX FTA + HMI + Mitsubishi drives
Kemira Grow-How Oy Process S5 ->S7 modernizations (4pcs) Simatic S7-300 + HMI
Paroc Jungers Ab
Mineral wool line L2, Liethua
Siemens 4xPCS7, Mitsubishi drives
Sinebrychoff Ltd Brewery Pori
WinCC, Simatic S7-400
Outokumpu Engineering Services Ltd
Pasar, Philippines
WinAC + Panel PC, Simatic S7-300
Paroc Jungers Ltd
Mineral wool line Termolan II, Portugal
FactoryLink, Mitsubishi Q4A
Outokumpu Poricopper Ltd
Doping cast lines 4 & 5
Simatic S7-300
Outokumpu Poricopper Inc
Wizram-SCADA modernization
Paroc Jungers Ltd
Mineral wool lines TRZ 3 & 4, Poland
WinCC, Simatic S7-400
Outokumpu Poricopper Ltd
K1E-furnace modernization
WinCC, Simatic S7-400
Raisio Inc Melia
Oat mill modernization
Intouch, S5-115-135U, S7-400
Sahalahti district
Automatizing of waste water treatment plant
Factorylink, Mitsubishi A2AS
Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy
Water process
Mitsubishi MAC E1000 + FX3U
Componenta Oy
Modernization of core shooting machine
Simatic MP370 + S7-300
Bosch-Rexroth Oy
Own technology of B-R
Pori Energia Oy
Several district heating plans
WinCC + OP, Simatic S7-300

Factory Automation

Control system
Fincoat Oy
Roller grinding of paper machine
Mitsubishi FX5U + FX5-40SSC + MR-J4-servos
Teknikum Oy
Mitsubishi Q motion control + MR-J4-servos
Finlayson Oy
Modernization of quilting machine (Mammut VM7) Mitsubishi Q motion control + J2S-servos+E1000 HMI
Yara Suomi Oy
Modernization of fertilizer bagging machines
(Binder ABF/SPK, -Eberle & S5 PLC's)
Simatic S7-300 + HMI + Vacon fr. c
Antti Lindfors Oy
Cheese Brining; Japan Mitsubishi Q06HCPU + GOT 1000 HMI
UPM New Ventures Oy R & D -project
Mitsubishi RV-3SB industrial robot
Sampo-Rosenlew Oy Powdercoating machine
Mitsubishi FX
Lardella Oy
Changes to planing-line
Mitsubishi A2AS
Paroc Panels Oy / Camteam Oy Punching machines, Parainen
Mitsubishi Q motion control + J2S-servos
Bosch-Rexroth Oy Sandvik-testbenches B-R technology
Luvian Saha Oy Wood conveyours of band-saw
Simatic S7-300 + E1000 HMI + Vacon NX fr.c
Osuuskunta Satamaito Oy
Carton conveyor
Mitsubishi FX2N + FGOT HMI
Ahlstrom Glassfibres
Glassfibre gluing line, Mikkeli
Mitsubishi Q motion control + J2S-servos
Ahlstrom Glassfibres
Modernization of J75 quilting machine, Mikkeli
Mitsubishi Q motion control + J2S-servos
Ahlstrom Glassfibres
Modernization of CombiFlow - machine, Mikkeli
Mitsubishi Q motion control + J2S-servos
Teknikum Ltd
Modernization of flexible tube production
Mitsubishi Q motion control + J2S-servos
Univisio Ltd
Modernization of quilting machine
Mitsubishi A motion control + J2S-servos
Espe Ltd, Kankaanpää
Modernization of quilting machine (Mammut VMK) Mitsubishi A motion control + J2S-servos
Teknikum Ltd
Modernization of flexible tube production
Mitsubishi A motion control + J2-servo
E. Novaro
Blade sharpening machine
Mitsubishi A motion control + J2-servo
Ahlstrom Glassfibres
Modernization of winding machine, Mikkeli
Mitsubishi J2S - servos
UPM Kymmene Wood Ltd
Modernization of 5TI, Viiala
Mitsubishi A2AS
Outokumpu Poricopper Ltd
Level control of mould
Simatic S7-300 + Mitsubishi J2S-servos
Teknikum Ltd
Tension control of winding machines
Mitsubishi FX1N + MR-J2S-servo + Satel i-link
UPM Kymmene Wood Ltd
Modernization of 5TI, Pellosniemi
Mitsubishi A2AS
Purso Ltd
Modernization of Anodising plant  lifts
Mitsubishi A4U + J2S-servos
Confite Trade
ConFeed -feed device
Mitsubishi FX2N + J2-servos
Honkarakenne Ltd
Simatic FM 357 + Mitsubishi J2-servos
Huurre Ltd
Plate cutting machine
Simatic FM 354 + Mitsubishi J2-servos
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab
Modernization of bag machine
Mitsubishi FX2N + J2-servos
Raflatac Inc
Coating Machine, Malaysia
Simatic S7-300
Puustelli Oy
Modernization of several production lines
Mitsubishi MAC E1000 + FX3U
Luvata Oy
Omeya, OF-cathode lines
WinCC + Simatic S7-300
Radiaattoritehdas Salomaa Oy
Several production applications
Simatic MP/OP + S7-300
UPM Seikku
Dryer, log selection
Simatic OP + S7-300

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